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A Must Have Diaper Bag for a Mom of Two

I have found a must have diaper bag for a mom of two and I HAVE to share it with you guys!

Thank You Lily Jade for sponsoring this post, As always, all opinions are my own.

must have diaper bag for a mom of two

Why You Need This Must Have Diaper Bag for a Mom of Two

As a busy mom of two, I have gone through more diaper bags than I probably should have. They are either way too small or the wear and tear is not up to par.  The Lily Jade diaper bag is the the must-have diaper bag for a mom of two. I am a diaper bag hoarder but I have also had my fair share of diaper bags that did not hold up very well. I finally found the diaper bag of my dreams and it has everything I need. I promise it has everything you need. The bag is definitely an investment, but it’s an investment worth making.

Diaper Bag for a Mom of Two Must Have: Quality over Quantity

must have diaper bag for a mom of two

You’ll only ever NEED one bag. Lily Jade puts quality first to give you more value for every dollar compared to any other brand. They also use premium grade leathers giving the bag variances of leather and texture. No two bags are the same because Lily Jade give you a tumbled full-grain leather. This is different than the artificial patterns put on diaper bags on most high-end bags that mass produces clones of their bags. The Lily Jade bag is built to last you a lifetime. Lily Jade tucks in the leather on their handles, straps, and pocket edges os that the edge paint doesn’t wear and crack over time. The bags are stitched nicely throughout the bag and even more so at critical points, to ensure long-lasting use of the diaper bag through baby years, the office, travel, and even a night out with the girls. 

Diaper Bag for a Mom of Two Must Have: Perfect Organization

I love the 12-pocket machine washable organizer every Lily Jade comes with allowing you to organize your bag the way you see fit. This is heaven for me because every little thing has a specific place and I don’t have to empty the entire bag when looking for something that may have fallen to the bottom of the bag. The blanket, formula, diapers, etc. have a specific. Another great thing about the organizer is that it allows me to open the bag and see everything in it without having to rumble through loads of baby stuff in it. I can see exactly what I need more of or less of just by opening the bag. The bag can also be used without the insert by simply removing the organizer. The organizer usually doesn’t leave my bag because #momlife my children are usually always with me LOL.

must have diaper bag for a mom of two

Diaper Bag for a Mom of Two Must Have: Spaciousness with Multiple Uses

The bag was made with every mama in mind. The Lily Jade Meggan can be used as a tote bag or backpack. The backpack option is perfect because I can be hands-free when I am out with both girls and can’t worry about having a purse, or tote bag to hold on too. I actually use the Lily Jade in backpack version the most. However, I like the option to use it in more than one way because mom life is so unpredictable, I need a bag as flexible as my life needs to be LOL. The tote bag allows me to have a purse on the days I only have one of the girls with me, or I’m heading out to lunch with family or friends. The amount of space in the bag is incredible. I can fit everything that my ten-month-old needs and still have PLENTY of room for anything my three years old may need. I don’t have to worry about running out of space or worry about carrying things by hand. 

must have diaper bag for a mom of two
must have diaper bag for a mom of two

This is THE must have diaper bag for a mom of two!

If you’re looking for a long-lasting must-have diaper bag this is it. The Lily Jade Meggan diaper bag is the one for you. The quality, the amount of space, and the multiple uses allow you to only have one bag EVER. You won’t need another bag, or worry about how this diaper bag will hold up because, with premium grade leather, you can believe this bag is holding up! If you’re in the market for a new diaper bag, This is the one you should look into. I can not recommend the Lily Jade Meggan enough. 

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