apps for content creators

Must Have I use daily as a full-time Content Creator

Wondering what the best easy to use apps for content creators are? Today I am sharing the best apps that full time influencers LOVE!

apps for content creators

Apps I use As a Full Time Content Creator

As a full time content creator & mama, I use my phone A LOT. If you don’t have apps that you use from your phone you need to start using them because they making working from anywhere SO easy! I am going to compile some of my favorite everyday apps for content creators that I use to elevate my business on a daily business. If you missed my last post on apps for bloggers I have linked it for you to read. I am going to mention some of the same apps for content creators that I still use almost a year later, and some apps for content creators that I started using after that post, and currently love.

As I mentioned in my previous post, some these apps for content creators are free and some aren’t. You don’t have to invest in them if you don’t want too. However, if you CAN, I think you should. Sometimes investments are needed to grow our businesses.

Video Content Apps

If you have been following me over on instagram the last few months, you know that I have been sharing my daily stories in a fun edited way. Many of you have asked me how I do that, I’m about to share with you my favorite content creator apps for videos. I only use these for story purposes, any videos that I share on my Instagram feed are edited through final cut pro which is available to apple users.


You can get all your video editing done from your phone on this app. When I share routines, or edited stories, 9/10 times they are edited through Splice. My morning routine videos when I show getting the girls ready for school are edited directly through the reels feature on IG but the music is added through splice. Splice allows you to videos faster, slower, add music, combine clips, split clips, and more! Another video editing app for content creators my peers use is InShot, I, however, don’t use this one much.

Additional Video Editing Apps for Instagram

These apps seem to be popular, however, I have never used them. I just want to share incase you wanted to give them a try.

  • VideoShow
  • Quik
  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Animoto
  • Boomerang
  • WeVideo
  • Beecut
  • VSCO

Best Scheduling Apps

There’s two Popular Scheduling Apps that Content Creators use, and I am sure there is more. If you know any other ones, leave them in the comments below! The two scheduling apps I am speaking of are, Later and Preview. I have used both in the past but currently consistently use LATER.


This app is a scheduling app for bloggers. You can use it to plan, schedule, and visualize your content across all social media networks. Such as PinterestFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Later is available on both desktop and mobile, and desktop is my favorite version because it allows you to do much more! The mobile app allows you to schedule content, preview your instagram feed, see a calendar view, and sends you notifications to let you know it’s time to post.

My favorite way to use Later is on desktop. It has more features that I really enjoy, my top favorite feature is being able to schedule stories. I absolutely love having my stories in order in one place and when its time to upload them it will save them to my phone in the appropriate order and all I have to do is upload. It also makes it easier to stay organized when its time to post for brands, especially for this mama, who suffers from mom brain, and her plays Uber for her kids.

The app for content creators also lets you know what is the best time to post based on previous post. This feature is ONLY available on desktop, you can see in the picture below the purple blocks on my calendar that shows me what my best posting times are. I follow their best time most weeks, but some weeks I also like to use Facebook creator studio and my instagram analytics to determine what time I want to post. Lastly, I really enjoy that I can the desktop version allows me to see the monthly view of my content. The month view gives me an idea on how much content I have for the month, what campaigns are coming or need to be scheduled based on dates, and what upcoming content I want to plan.

Preview: I use to use this one as well but didn’t find myself using it for nothing other than for scheduling in feed post and getting a preview of my in feed. Later, gave me has a lot more to offer.

Blogger Apps for Editing

Lightroom: is a quick and easy way to make adjustments to your feed photos, and presets usually go hand in hand with lightroom. You can also download it on your desktop and use it on your computer.

Canva: Canva is what I use to make my collages for, Pinterest, 85% any graphics I use on stories and pretty much everything. I also have a graphic designer that helps me once in a while with graphics. They have an amazing number of templates to use for anything social media.

Unfold: Has really pretty aesthetically pleasing stories that I use for brand partnerships.

Mojo: Another really good app for stories, they have really good animated stories.

I hope this was really helpful! These are all the leading apps that I use on a daily/weekly basis, and I hope sharing them is helpful to you! Feel free to comment or DM on Instagram if you have any other questions!

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