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What to Look For In Baby Activity Mats for Development

Let’s talk about what to look for in baby activity mats for development.

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Baby Development Milestones Baby Gear

Six Month Old Baby Development

AHHH!! I can’t believe my sweet girl is almost six months old. Time literally flew by! It actually makes me so sad thinking about how fast she’s growing up. Soon she’ll be running around with her older sister, driving me up the wall LOL. She’s already trying to sit up, babbling, and even trying to crawl, my little chunks even rolled from her back to her stomach ONCE when we weren’t looking and never did it again! I was so sad, I couldn’t believe I had missed it. I even set up my camera and tried recording to see if she would do it again, but she didn’t. Such a sneaky girl.

A babies development is so important, as a grad student of education, I study the ins and out of a child’s development. As a parent, I get so excited to see ALL the “first” both my girls have because they will FOREVER have “firsts” and they will forever make me cry, LOL. I am always looking for activities and gadgets that will help benefit Aaliyah’s development & that is why I wanted to share with you guys what I look for in baby activity mats for development!

I want baby items that will be effective and comfortable for my sweet girl & yours also.

Baby Development Milestones Baby Gear

What to Look for in Baby Activity Mats for Development

 The best baby activity mats for development include toys & things for…

  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
    • Fine Motor Skills – small muscle coordination through movements – grabbing, reaching, putting things in their mouth, etc.
    • Gross Motor Skills – big muscle coordination through movements – walking, crawling, lifting their head up, sitting up, etc.
  • Cognition – interaction with their environment through behaviors and interaction.
  • Emotional Intelligence – being able to discover their feelings.
  • Language Communication – enabling their vocabulary and oral communication.
  • Senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.

My Favorite Activity Mat Out of All of the Baby Activity Mats for Development I Have Tried

The Tiny Love Magical Tales Black & White Gymini provides Aaliyah with the developmental help she needs to succeed in her development.

The Black and White contrasting colors stimulate her sight. She loves staring up at the little mobile that connects to the top of the mat. We often practice tummy time and have started trying to see if she will roll over for us to catch on video. However, you know how babies are they do everything they want to do until you pull out a camera or tell someone *Rolling eyes* LOL. While we practice tummy time we usually love to look at the black and white take-along book that the Gymini comes with. I make up stories based on the illustrations and she cracks up at me. Sometimes she’ll ignore me to play with the star teether that it brings (SHE LOVES IT). My five month old has been teething since she was two months and she finally has one tooth!

Baby Development Milestones Baby Gear

What the Gymini Baby Activity Mat Offers

The Gymini is the best of the baby activity mats for development I have tried because provides 12 attachments/ adjustments that provide you and the baby the perfect quality time activity. When purchasing the Gymini you can expect the following:

  1. A Baby activated musical toy with three melodies
  2. Badger wind chime
  3. Soft Fax Rattle (thank goodness it’s soft, she was upset the other day and hit me right on the forehead with it).
  4. Soft take along book
  5. Shiny Satin ribbons
  6. Star Teether
  7. Playful plush cloud
  8. crinkly peek-a-boo tree
  9. Machine washable mat
  10. mirror for extended tummy time
  11. stimulating black & white mobile
  12. Adjustable arches for more play modes.

Different Modes

  • Lying: While on their backs, babies will enjoy the overhead gym and practice reaching out and batting the Meadow Days adorable characters to promote motor skills, understanding of cause & effect, and tactile, visual and auditory cognition.
  • Tummy Time: Intriguing mirror, fun satin ribbon, colorful design, and other features will help extend tummy time and encourage gross motor skills.
  • Sit & Play: When sitting up, baby can continue exploring the toys and enjoy their more complex features.

To conclude, We absolutely love our Gymini Mat. It makes tummy time so much more fun. All the activities give Aaliyah something to look forward too. If you are looking for the perfect mat for your little one look no further! Head over to, Tiny Love’s website or their amazon Page and check out the Gymini and all the other items that are part of their Magical Tales Collection (We have a few and love them all!).

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*All opinions are my own

What to look for in baby activity mats for development


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  1. This is such a fun mat! I love all that a baby can do on it. It’s perfect! I also love how you break down all the ways a baby can benefit from it.

  2. I remember getting one of those mats for my daughter. She liked it a little bit. But I think I stayed there the whole time and she liked playing with me more. Was cute.