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The Best Apps for Full-Time Bloggers in 2021 for Social Media Content

I’m sharing the best apps for full-time bloggers in 2021 for editing, scheduling, planning, and visualizing your social media content from your phone!

Best Apps for Bloggers in 2020

Why Apps are Necessary for Full-Time Bloggers

FOUR Blog Post in a row, Can you believe that? FOUR! Thank you all so much for reading and enjoying these posts as much as I am enjoying writing them. Make sure to come on over and follow me on Instagram for more content. We are going to stay on the blogging topic today. I’m going to share some of the best apps for full-time bloggers, some of the ones I use every day. Apps are essential in the blogger world, and when we find ones that we like, we usually stick to them! They allow us to edit our content, freshen it up, get creative with it, schedule it, see it on a faux feed before it goes on out real feed, and more. Apps keep us organized, productive, and motivated. I use some of the best apps for full-time bloggers for all my social media and blog work.

The Best Apps for Full-Time Bloggers

As I stated in my influencer networks for bloggers post, there are many more apps for bloggers that are available aside from what I’m going to mention. These are just the best apps for full-time bloggers, in my opinion. I also want to say some of these apps are free and some aren’t, you don’t have to invest in them if you don’t want too. However, if you CAN, I think you should. Sometimes investments are needed to grow our businesses.


This app is a scheduling app for bloggers. You can use it to plan, schedule, and visualize your content across all social media networks. Such as PinterestFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I use this app daily; one of my favorite features is that I can use it from my computer. As a mom of Instagram (I’m not too fond of the word influencer)/ blogger, I spend a lot of time on my phone. Everything goes to my phone. However, there are times when I dedicate myself to work, and I like to put my phone away and strictly work on my computer. LATER allows me to do this because I can plan upcoming content from the computer. You can schedule your Instagram post for a specific day and a particular time, and it will send you a notification when the post has to go live for you to set it live manually. 

They also have a feature for auto-publishing (love this). It will give you the option to have it automatically publish your content if you connect it to your business Facebook page. I choose the picture, set the caption, set the time of publishing, tag the accounts I want to be tagged when it goes live, and even write my first comment (usually my hashtags). It will all automatically publish as if I did it all myself at the moment. This feature cuts my time in thirds because I set it for the week and don’t have to worry about taking time from my family when the post goes live to get it all set up, all I have to do is interact with you all in the comments. 

There is more…

Last but not least, another feature I enjoy from the apps for bloggers LATER is that I can schedule my stories. This feature HAS to be my favorite; it makes scheduling campaign stories SO easy. I can schedule them for the date and time they need to go live, and it sends me a notification on that specific date and time, and all I have to do is press a button and set it live on Instagram. I don’t have to look for it through on my phone, and do everything at the time of posting. It saves me time! This app has different monthly plans. 


This app for bloggers is a clean line breaks app for Instagram captions. Ever wonder how your favorite bloggers can write extended captions and separate each paragraph/section of their post without using dot after dot? It only just looks like they pressed enter and continued writing. They probably use this app! The Spacie app allows you to write your extended captions and make them look super clean. This app cost $2.99


 You can get all your video editing from your phone on this app. I use this app usually to edit my videos when I share different routines on stories. You can make videos faster, slower, add music, combine clips, split clips, and more!

Best Full-Time Blogger Apps for Stories

The following blogger apps all allow you to make your Instagram stories more creative and personal. The apps provide templates you can use and give you the resources to create your story visions from scratch. All of these apps have different prices/ monthly prices.


Full-Time Blogger Apps for Editing

The following blogger apps are my go-to for editing content. They all kind of do the same thing but may have a feature I enjoy that another app may lack.

Lightroom: This app is probably the most popular amongst all bloggers of any niche. Lightroom is where I set the preset on my photos, change the lighting, or do most of the lighting editing when needed. 

Retouch: You can remove items from the image that maybe ruin your vision for the photo or are out of place, and you didn’t realize before shooting it. 

Lensa: I use this app mainly to add additional blur to the background of my images, and sometimes replace/ edit the background if needed. 

PicMonkey: This app is most famous for Youtube Thumbnails (the main reason I use it). However, you can edit your images by resizing them, creating collages, removing the background to an image, etc. 

These are all the leading apps that I go to on a daily/weekly basis, and I hope sharing them is helpful to you! Feel free to comment or DM on Instagram if you have any other questions!

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