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The Best Drugstore Feminine Pads and Tampons: The First Time I got Flow

When it comes to the best drugstore feminine pads and tampons, I stick to the top rated brand- Always! They have the best feminine products on the market.

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Another Fun “First Period” Story

We all buy Pads and/or Tampons every month, right? Well, I hope we are all buying the best drugstore feminine pads and tampons; Always and Tampax 🤪 I can remember the first day I got flow. Seventh Grade, 2nd period, geography class, is it crazy that I remember all of that? I ran to the bathroom and called my mom. I had no idea what was going, but at the same time, knew what was going on. It was a life-changing moment I wasn’t mentally prepared for. My mom picked me up, drove home, and immediately handed me the best feminine pad, it was an Always pad. I ran to the school bathroom before leaving and put it on so that I wouldn’t continue leaking.

An Introduction to What Are Now My Favorite Drugstore Feminine Pads and Tampons

We got in the car and she asked me how I felt. I didn’t exactly know how I was feeling ” I don’t know” is what I remember responding. Was I suppose to be excited? or were the anxious feeling I was feeling normal? I’m naturally an over-thinker. However, I can say excitement isn’t something I have ever felt when it comes to my period. My friends made it a big deal every time they got theirs for the first time and the only thing I ever thought was “I don’t want it someone take it back” LOL. I honestly didn’t even tell them because the thought of bleeding for a week every month was not exciting to me AT ALL. Does anyone else feel like I did? or was it an exciting moment for you?

I now have two girls and honestly have no clue how I am going to react when they call me to tell me that flow has arrived. How am I suppose to even talk to them about the day flow arrives? See now I’m overthinking LOL. I’ll cross that bridge when it gets here and until then let’s talk about the best drugstore feminine pads and tampons everyone should own! I have used Always pads.  From the start of my journey  with flow my seventh-grade year and I’ve never looked back. There was only one other time I used a different brand, and we can blame the pandemic and the unstocked shelves.

The Best Drugstore Feminine Pads and Tampons

Pads can be such a pain. They can move, feel uncomfortable, be too thick, too thin, leak, and sometimes not do the job it’s supposed to do. Well, I’m here to tell you about the best feminine pads you can ever use. You’re going to want to add these pads to your monthly shopping list. Ladies!  Zero Feel, Zero Leak Protection is Possible & I’m about to spill the beans. Drumroll, please.  The best feminine pads with Zero feel, and zero leak protection is Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads for Women. You can’t tell they are there but they are there, they are protecting you in every step you take and every move you make. No need to worry about them leaking through your clothes. They have an extra heavy absorbency and best of all are unscented. I’m not a fan of scented pads, pads should not be scented 😅

Now I know pads aren’t everyone’s thing, they are my thing. Actually I didn’t wear a tampon for a really long time because I was afraid of them (I’m weird). If pads aren’t your thing I am about to share my favorite Tampon with you. They are the Tampax Pearl Tampon Regular Absorbency. Again, just like the  Always Pads, I have always just leaned towards Tampax. I’ve used Tampax for quite some time. Plus, they are the #1 Gynecologist Recommended Tampon brand – based on a 2020 survey, so guess who isn’t changing brands any time soon? Me!

Money-Saving Moment  

If you’re interested in purchasing and trying out the Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads for Women or the Tampax Pearl Tampon Regular Absorbency or you already use these, I have an offer for you! Publix is offering you Update with correct $2/1 promotional savings from July 27th – August 2d for both Always + Tampax!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, check out the other blog post below you may be interested in! Always feel free to comment or send me a DM on Instagram about anything you may have questions about. I love talking to you and always reply!

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