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List of Recommendations for Children’s Books for Black Girls

I have an awesome list of children’s books for black girls and brown girls full of Self-Confidence, Black Girl Affirmations, and Black History.

Mixed Family

Why You Should Intentionally Purchase Children’s Books for Black Girls

I have recently purchased a few children’s books for black girls for my little girls from Amazon and Target. A few weeks ago I shared over on Instagram stories that Alyssa was crying because she wanted to have “long hair like Ariel and be beautiful like Ariel.” It shattered my heart because I never thought that my FOUR-year-old, told every day that she is beautiful and loved, would believe that she wasn’t appealing. As per your recommendations, over on Instagram, I decided that I would order her a few black girl children’s books and share them with you since so many of you asked me to do so. However, for those that may not follow me on Instagram, here is a little back story as to what led us to this topic and conversation.

I’ll start by saying we are a Disney Family.  I grew up going to Disney yearly. I love Disney, and it has always been a dream for my children to share the same love for Disney. We have Disney Passes, watch all kinds of Disney shows and movies. Before the quarantine we were going to Disney every two months, I am also very aware that Disney doesn’t have much representation of black children, which I whole-heartedly believe needs to be changed. If this is your first time here and you have never seen my Instagram, I have mixed-race children with my college sweetheart. My husband is Haitian, and I’m Hispanic. We have two beautiful black girls that look so much alike, but at the same time so different. They are Black, Hispanic, and Mixed.

When I Realized We Needed to Look for Children’s Books for Black Girls

A few weeks ago our four-year-old, came into our room and was upset (pretty much crying) because she “wanted long hair like Princess Ariel (her favorite princess currently). She wanted to be beautiful like Ariel” We surprised back because the girls hear every day how beautiful they are, we immediately reassured her that her hair was beautiful long and curly. Her response was “but mommy has long hair like Ariel” no matter what we would tell her she would come back “wanted long hair like Princess Ariel and be beautiful like Ariel ” and “mommy had long hair like Ariel.” Anthony was ready to remove all non-black Disney Princesses, toys, movies, and pretty much everything from the house, but I stopped him because 98% of my family (mom side, the only side I speak too) is Hispanic and fair-skinned. I went on Instagram, expressed the scenario, and asked for advice on how to approach the situation.

My Feelings on Being the Mother of Black Children

I wanted to make sure Alyssa was confident in her skin without deleting everyone else’s skin tone from her life because she has a family that is white and will eventually have friends that are fair skin as well. Anthony’s best friend since Childhood is white, one of my best friends from my Childhood is Hispanic but fair skin, and reality is she is going to deal with people that don’t look like her for the rest of her life family included. It’s important to me that she feels beautiful and confident in any room that she walked into, no matter who is there. You all gave me a bunch of recommendations on how to approach it.

Some Recommendations for Children’s Books for Black Girls:

  1. Buy Black Girl Baby Dolls
  2. Have her watch Movies that Represent Black Girls and Her Culture
  3. Do Daily Affirmations
  4. Buy Books that Represent Black Girls and Her Culture
  5. Get her culture involved in her daily life

Black Girl Children Books I Purchased and Love

* You can click on any title book to purchase the book. When you purchase a book through my links I receive a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you.

  1.  I AM… (Positive Affirmations for Brown Girls – A book full of affirmations and reminders on how smart, beautiful kind, happy, healthy, and so much more our little Black and Brown Girls are! ( Even Comes with some Activities to do with them at the end of the book!)
  2.  Skin Like Mine by Latasha M. Perry – A fun read about loving your skin
  3.  ABC I Love Me by Miriam Muhammad – gives children a kind word to describe themselves for every letter in the alphabet.
  4. I’m Mixed by Maggy Williams
  5. Look what BROWN can do! By T. Marie Harris – Modern Back History sharing with our little ones the stories of new heroes and old alike.
  6.  Happy Hair! by Mechal Renee Roe
  7. I Am Enough! by Grace Byer
  8. When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner
  9. Fresh Princess (Inspired by Will Smith The Fresh prince) by Denene Millner
  10. Little Miss is Destined for Greatness By Amber t. Bogan

You can also find some more books in my Amazon Store under “Children Books” when you click on the link below.

Click Here for More Books for Our Black Children

Thank You all so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and the books provided! If you don’t already make sure you head over and follow me on Instagram, my Youtube Channel to follow our Journey.

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