cool things for back to school

Top 5 Cool Things for School & Items for Students [My Yoobi Review]

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cool things for back to school

Back-to-school season is here, my 2nd favorite time of the year! There’s something about helping our kids find all the cool things for school that I thoroughly enjoy.  Yoobi has everything, all the cool things for school. I love watching Alyssa’s face as she chooses her favorite items! 

Yoobi, the “buy one, give one” school and office supply brand, believes all children should have an equal opportunity to learn and be creative. That’s why, for every item purchased, Yoobi donates a school supply item to a U.S. child in need. Their colorful products aim to inspire, spark and showcase all the beautiful things that make your children themselves. 

5 Cool things to make back to school more fun


Notebooks are essentials in your child’s school career and will go through more than you can count! Why not make their notebooks fun, creative, and upbeat? One way to have your child express themselves this school year is through a fun Yoobi notebook! You can easily find different fun-designed notebooks for your child to choose from for the school year that will allow them to be themselves, like rainbows, chevron, and their favorite snacks as designs!


One of the best school supplies that families often forget & one of the best ways for students and parents to stay on top of the school year is through planners. Growing up and even today, I live life through a planer  As a student, I used to love choosing one with the cutest design that would make me want to open it and right all my homework down in it. If you have a school-age child who needs a little more organization or loves organization throughout the year, give a Yoobi’s planner a try, I’m pretty sure 8/10 times, they will want to pull it out and write their assignments in it.

Erasers and Sharpeners

Students all need a good eraser and sharpeners, very much like notebooks they are going through go through countless every school year.  You can purchase a set of matching erasers and sharpeners for your student’s school year that way, they can easily identify theirs when sitting with their classmates. Yoobi’s erasers are large enough to last most of the school year but small enough to fit comfortably in your child’s hand. The sharpeners are of great quality, allowing students to sharpen their pencils easily and smoothly without breaking the pencil or making a mess. 

Cute Pens & Pencils

Raise your hand if you have had your favorite pens. I DO! Whether it’s because of the way they are right, their design, their ballpoint, or the pen’s eye-catching abilitiles we all have our favorite pens and pencils. Yoobi has the cutest pens and pencils and school supplies for girls they will have your children and students doing homework and school work with zero complaints whatsoever. Designs like cotton candy & banana pens will have them asking what’s next when it comes to assignments. The Colorful and already sharpened pencils are my daughter’s favorite pencils for this upcoming school year because they come in all of her favorite colors!

Shop Cool things for School

Yoobi has something for everyone to feel themselves while being at school. It’s the perfect way to show your favorite colors, express your love for design & creativity, or maybe just have a pen of your favorite treat or fruit. Check them out, and start your students with some cool things for back to school!

xoxo, Kim

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