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What Covid Felt Like Day by Day From Coronavirus Positive to Negative

After testing negative for covid ten days after testing positive, I knew I wanted to share what coronavirus felt like day by day from day one to day ten.

My Feelings About Finding Out I Had Contracted Coronavirus

There is a light at the end of the tunnel let’s start there. I want to remind you that this is about MY experience & MY opinions; EVERYONE goes through it differently. As most of you know (shared on Instagram), I tested positive for Coronavirus and since have fully recovered! Thank you so much for all the prayers, check-ins, and love you all sent my way. Every ounce of love was felt and appreciated. It wasn’t a comfortable situation; however, you must stay positive, or your thoughts are going to drive you insane. First, I want to say I know people who have tested positive for Coronavirus and have had ZERO symptoms. People share their stories not to freak you out but to let you know that IT’S REAL and to be cautious. So I wanted to take the time now that I have recovered from coronavirus to share what coronavirus felt like day by day from day.

It’s a scary situation and trust me I experienced it first hand, and there is no worse feeling than having your husband look at you and ask, “Are we going to die?” my heart sank that he even had those thoughts, my response, “No. We are not.” The symptoms can get bad, definitely, but not for everyone. Since I announced that I tested positive for Covid-19, I have received many questions and decided I would write a blog post about it.

What Coronavirus Felt Like Day by Day

Here is an overview of how things went what coronavirus felt like day by dat. A friend came over, and three days after she came over, I had symptoms. To give you a better understanding, I put this into a timeline.

  • Day One (first day of being COVID SYMPTOM quarantined) was the day the COVID symptoms began. They began three days AFTER my initial contact with the friend who came over. On the first day, I felt Coronavirus symptoms; the day was fine until about 5 pm when my body started shutting down. I remember telling Anthony I’m in so much pain, and I don’t understand why. Still, I went about my evening and got girls ready for bed. Even ended up going to bed early and immediately falling asleep, which never happens. All night I had flu-like symptoms – fever, body aches, chills, fever. Headaches that were absurd. They were not normal.
  • Day Two, The flu-like symptoms & headaches continued, so I took Tylenol so that I would be able to continue with my day. My mom immediately told me to get tested, and I didn’t see a reason too. I thought my body was telling me to slow down because It had been a busy week for work, and it had been a long week. The friend that came over texted me that morning, letting me know she was going to get tested, and that is when my mind said FUCK.  
The thought of getting tested came up but I waited it out.
  • Day Three, No fevers but still was feeling the flu-like symptoms and headaches. Again, Tylenol would relieve the symptoms so I would take Tylenol because the girls were under mamas care. This was when the chest pains/ shortness of breath began but they were manageable. I remember telling him “I’m going to pick up the house just in case I need to take my self to the hospital.”
At this point, Anthony still had no symptoms and was doing great.
  • Day Four, same as day three. Except, I woke up with diarrhea and the chest pains got really bad this night. At times I wanted to cry from the pain. I even had a dream that I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t get any words out. Dramatic, I know, but my anxiety was high.
  • Day Five, COVID symptoms were the same as day four. However, the chest pains were still pretty bad. I woke up around 7 am and decided to call my mom and let her know that I was driving myself to the hospital to get myself checked because of my chest pains. They did a nose swab, took blood, tested me for the flu, and failed so they said they would test me for coronavirus and It would take five days for the results to come back (I got them in two days). I was also given a chest x-ray and things came back clear. I went home and realized I had no sense of smell, it was gone.
  • Day Six & Seven, The chest pains were there but had become mild and manageable. I had no more flu-like symptoms and was only suffering from absurd headaches. On day seven, the hospital called me and let me know I had tested positive, they told me to treat it like the FLU, and after 14 days to live life normally again. Anthony decided to go get tested because he was on day three of feeling coronavirus symptoms, and so he went.
  • Day Eight – Day Ten, The COVID symptoms were getting less prominent each day, and I was starting to feel better. On Day Ten, I felt like I was pretty much myself again.
  • Day 16, of being quarantined with symptoms (9 days after I tested positive) we retested. Three days later we got the news that we had tested negative.

My Family Reacted Different to Coronavirus

My Husbands Covid Symptoms

What covid felt like day by day was a bit less extreme for Anthony (my husband). He had flu-like symptoms and headaches, no chest pains didn’t lose his sense of smell or taste strictly body aches, fevers, headaches, and tiredness (very much like the flu)for five days and then started feeling himself again. He got tested on Day 3 of his symptoms and tested positive as well.

My Daughters Covid Symptoms

SO many of you were concerned about the girls. My heart was so full with the number of people checking in on them. You have no idea how appreciative I am. Seriously, can’t thank y’all enough. The girls did amazingly well through everything. While what covid felt like day by day for them was not nearly as extreme as my own day by day symptoms, I was still SO scared!

On day two of my symptoms, they got a fever, which was mild. I gave Alyssa Children’s Motrin and Aaliyah Children’s Tylenol. Alyssa needed medicine once and Aaliyah needed it twice, and after that, they were 100% themselves. Alyssa’s fever lasted 24 hours, and Aaliyahs lasted 36 hours. Thankfully they showed no other symptoms, and have been perfectly fine after the fever period.

Steps towards Recovery from Covid-19

I tested COVID negative TEN days after I tested COVID positive

“What are you doing to recover?” This might have been one of my most asked questions. I did a variety of things that I think all helped me recover.

  • DISINFECTED. I cleaned while the virus was prominent in the house. YES, while the symptoms were hard and taking over my body, I cleaned. While I probably should have been sleeping and resting, I was cleaning because I refused to let it take over any longer than it needed to be in our own home.
  • I sprayed fabric disinfectant on our couch, beds, and desk chairs EVERY DAY, after any of us sat or laid down so that the next time we sat or laid down it was “infected.” I washed and sprayed down the girl’s car seats, and sprayed down the
  • Essential Oils. I diffused essential oils all over the house. Most of you know, I’m not 100% oily and still use products like candles and tide (I enjoy both worlds and that’s okay. However, I do love my oils and use them on a daily basis for different things. The oils were diffusing on repeat all day long all over the house, including the girl’s room. I haven’t done much of the business side of Young Living (oils I use), and I’m not sure why because I do love them. However, if you are ever interested in Young Living I would love to help you enroll.
  • Hot Water + Lemon I drank this every morning and sometimes at night as well and continue to drink it even though I’ve tested negative.

Additional Ideas for Staying Healthy After Contracting Coronavirus

  • Washed Bedsheets. I washed the bed sheets every other day. I’m not kidding our water bill will be high next month because I was not playing LOL.
  • Changed clothes often. The moment that we got up we changed our clothes, and we would not lay back on our bed with the clothes we had during the day. If we did take naps in our day time clothes, I would spray fabric disinfectant in every inch of the bed as soon as we got up.
  • Haitian Tea. Anthony drank tea his mom made us ( I didn’t drink it at all) that was a concoction of a million different things. He said it made him feel better. If you’re not Haitian you can look up a variety of hot drinks you can make that will help.
  • Went on walks. My county health department called me two days after my results were in to check on me. The sweet lady made sure to tell me that the heat made my virus escape my body, therefore, walks, exercise, sweating, and hot drinks helped. So we went on a couple of walks around the neighborhood in the mornings when there was no one out.

We are COVID Negative, and the Happiness is REAL!

Again, I want to say thank you for your prayers and love. I also want to remind you that everyone’s body reacts differently and the scary death stories we all here doesn’t mean YOUR story will be the same.  What covid felt like day by day will vary from person to person. Anxiety kills, and we don’t live our lives everyday thinking we are going to die because of the anxiety we may feel (if you suffer from anxiety as I do). So don’t let the fear of COVID make you think you’re going to die, you are stronger than the virus and you must believe that. When my grandma and Anthony’s mom found out we had tested positive, the first thing both of them said was “you must tell your mind you don’t have it.” I truly believe that was one of the things that got me through.

“Whatever your mind can conceive you can achieve”

– Napoleon Hill

I truly live by this quote in every aspect of my life. Whatever my mind says is what goes as long as you truly believe it. Although quarantined, I acted as if I wasn’t sick. So many of you kept telling me how are you still on social media? How are you still producing content? How are you still doing everything while being sick? Well… I took advantage of every moment I felt well and pushed through. Even when I may have a regular small cold, I never allow myself to feel sick. I always say the bed makes you sicker when you’re sick. IMO, the more you dwell on the fact that you’re sick, the sicker you feel. That has never been an option for me, even before kids.

Coronavirus Reassurance

Don’t overthink everything so much. I got so many messages asking if I felt certain symptoms cause you were feeling a certain way. Remember that what I felt may not necessarily be what you feel and vice versa. What covid felt like day by day for me could be 100% different from your experience should you contract the virus also. Four people live in my home and we ALL got different symptoms and reacted differently. If you self diagnose your thoughts will eat you alive, it is very well possible that you have regular or cold or may have allergies, everything is not COVID. If you truly feel like you may have it go get tested, and if you are having critical symptoms make sure you get them treated. I know the situation is scary, worry some, and terrifying but don’t let the fear of having it affect your daily happiness (Happiness can be affected even while quarantined). You can get it from anywhere, even your own home.

Yes, I got it from a visitor, however, you can be quarantined and not go anywhere (like us) and have someone in your house that works outside the home and they can bring it home. Anthony has worked outside the home throughout the entire pandemic, I knew getting it was a possibility but I didn’t live life in fear. Instead, I took precautions for myself, my girls, and our family and made our daily life as normal and as happy as possible. Take the precaution needed, stay home, wear your masks, but don’t freak out until needed.

I love you all. We are going to be okay. I hope this answered all your questions, and if it didn’t as always feel free to comment or send me a DM on Instagram I love talking to you and always reply!

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What covid felt like day by day

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