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Fall Bucket List 2021 // 50 Fun Family Ideas to add to your Autumn Bucket List!

Wondering what to do this fall with toddlers? Lucky for you I am sharing 50 if the best family friendly fall bucket list ideas!

Tips for Planning Family Fall Activities

Fall is right around the corner, and its for us to start creating our Fall Bucket List for 2021! If you missed my previous fall bucket list you can check it out here. 2020 robbed us of my favorite time of the year even though I live in south Florida and fall is pretty non existent. Its Summer year round here, with the exception of possibly one week, lol. I have a few tips I want to share when planning out to fall bucket list and what kind of family fall activities you want to do.

  1. Check the weather for the weekends/ week days for the month. Although mother nature is full of surprises you want to kind of have an idea on which days/weekends you should do indoor activities and which ones you can plan to be outside. You don’t want to have tickets for an outdoor fall family activity on a weekend its going to be too cold, or rain.
  2. Check for Age requirements. Make Sure everything you want to do accommodates everyone in the group!
  3. Last but not least, Check for activity times. I like to check that the fall activities we want to attend are either available to go before nap or after nap, but not during sissy’s nap time or it will be no fun for anyone.

Now that you’ve taken my fall activity planning tips in to consideration, lets get into planning our fall bucket list for 2021.

Fall Bucket List 2021 Ideas

List of 50 Fun Fall Bucket List Ideas for Toddlers and Young Kids

15 Outdoor Autumn Bucket list worthy ideas for Families:

  1. Visit a Pumpkin patch
  2. Go on a Hayride
  3. Visit a Corn Maze
  4. Visit a Fall Festival
  5. Take Fall Pictures
  6. Visit a Farm
  7. Have a Bonfire
  8. Go Apple Picking
  9. Go on a Nature Walk
  10. Visit a Farmers Market
  11. Halloween Trick or Treating
  12. Hiking
  13. Visit the Zoo
  14. Jump in a Pile of Leaves
  15. Go to a Football Game

15 Indoor Autumn Bucket list worthy ideas for Families:

  1. DIY your Halloween Costume
  2. Build a Fort
  3. Host Sunday Football
  4. Carve Pumpkins
  5. Paint Pumpkins
  6. Family Halloween Movie Night
  7. Make S’mores
  8. Dress up for halloween
  9. Host Friendsgiving
  10. Visit a trampoline Park
  11. Go to the Movies
  12. Attend a halloween Party
  13. Make Halloween Cookies
  14. Go to a Haunted House
  15. Wear Family halloween Pjs

10 Autumn Bucket list worthy ideas to do in the kitchen:

  1. Make Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  2. Make Apple Cider
  3. Bake a Pumpkin Pie
  4. Bake an Apple Pie
  5. Eat Caramel Apples
  6. Make Hot Chocolate
  7. Bake Pumpkin Bread
  8. Make Apple Fritters
  9. Bake Cookies
  10. Make Pumpkin Waffles/ Pancakes

10 Autumn Bucket list worthy ideas for Mom:

  1. Plant Mums
  2. Buy a Flannel
  3. Read a book
  4. Attend Friendsgiving
  5. Wear a Cozy Sweater
  6. Decorate Your Home
  7. Buy Scented Candles/ Create Fall Essential Oil Blends
  8. Make a Fall Wreath
  9. Wear Fuzzy Slippers
  10. Shop for your Fall Wardrobe

Shop Fall Wardrobe Ideas

Shop Fall Home Decor

Shop Family Halloween Pj’s

These are 50 fall family activities that I have for my family and I, on our Fall bucket list for 2021 and I hope you got some fall bucket list ideas for you and your family as well. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram to follow along with our daily lives and family activities! You can also head to my youtube channel for a look at some everyday family vlogs, Motherhood + Lifestyle content I know you’ll love.

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