family beach maternity shoot inspiration in miami

Family Beach Maternity Photoshoot Ideas + Pose & Outfit Inspiration

A beach setting for a maternity shoot is a great idea for families and I am sharing family beach maternity photoshoot ideas for posing and outfit inspiration for the whole family!

family beach maternity shoot inspiration in miami

What We Loved About Out Family Beach Maternity Shoot

There is something about a beach photoshoot that makes my heart so happy. I loved it so much, Im going to share some beach maternity photoshoot ideas with you. The girls absolutely love the beach. So why not take all the pictures we can take where they are the happiest? This past pregnancy I decided to do a beach maternity shoot. I wanted our joy to come out without it being forced, where the girls would be so peaceful that our maternity shoot would be full of joy. It was also, my last pregnancy so it was even more special than ever before. I have truly never embraced a pregnancy more than I have my pregnancy with baby boy.

The Best time for a Beach Maternity Shoot

A sunrise beach maternity shoot, or a sunset beach maternity shoot are equally BEAUTIFUL. However, I always chose to do a sunset beach maternity shoot because it worked better for our family. Anthony works so it was easier for him to shoot in the evening but also the pink, blues, and yellow hues of the sky during a sunset beach maternity are HEAVENLY. If you ever have a chance to do a sunset maternity shoot, always choose Sunset LOL. Can you tell I am bias? 🤪 We actually did a sunrise beach photoshoot for Sissy’s first birthday, they were beautiful, and I would choose Sunset a million times over, just because of the color of the sky during the evening time of the day.

A Special Moment between You & Your Spouse

First and foremost, when having a beach maternity shoot make sure you capture pictures of you and your spouse TOGETHER ALONE. You are are about to become parents for the FIRST or LAST time and this moment is special for the both of you. You wont get this moment with your spouse and your baby again. Anthony & I don’t really have pictures on our own since we became parents and you guys have no idea how much I wish I did. These beach maternity shoot photos mean THAT much more to me because it was a captured moment between him & I.

When I look at these moments, I vividly remember the moment. I remember what he whispered in my ear, the joke he cracked to make me smile, grabbing his butt, being in disbelief that we had the chance to do this one more time, and everything that was going on in that moment. We had a miscarriage a few months prior to this pregnancy, and we couldn’t believe we got the chance to do it ONE more time. The pictures make me want to relive the moment a million times over, because you see the joy right through the pictures.

Beach Maternity Shoot Pose Ideas

  1. Jog – We do this beach maternity shoot pose a lot. Casually jog, pretend it was an early morning and you’ve decided to go for an early morning job on the beach, and listen to the ocean waves. While you’re jogging look towards your spouse and have them look towards you. Smile. Crack a joke. Have fun.
  2. Slow Dance & Twirl. Our Photographer Laura Palacios Photo had us do this once and now its one of my go to’s. It makes us laugh every time. Anthony can’t dance so every time he dances he makes a joke out of it. Another beach maternity photoshoot pose idea for you too, Smile, Crack a joke, and Have Fun.
  3. Pray. This maternity photoshoot pose idea might not be for everyone, but it was one that we did a few times. The most peaceful prayer thanking the man above for everything he has helped us achieve. Thanking him for the life he has helped us create 4 times over, our now three earth side babies, and the baby he shared with us for a short period (miscarriage) but has beside him while they watch over us.

4. Play. When you’re shooting with kids especially at a beach maternity photoshoot, the best beach maternity shoot pose is to PLAY. Simply stand and have the kids do WHATEVER they want. While they are playing have your photographer shoot recurring photos and I guarantee, they will be the best phots ever.

5. Get in the water. Don’t be afraid to get your, toes in the sand and pose. You are at the beach after all, right?

6. My last beach maternity photoshoot idea for you is to to grab that belly and smile. You will only get to do this pregnancy ONE time, and you should enjoy every moment. Twirl in the water. Dance in the sand. Look up in to the heavens. above. ENJOY that belly, live in the moment.

I loved everything about doing a beach maternity shoot, so much so, I did it TWICE during this pregnancy. I am not a beach lover whatsoever (sounds crazy coming from a Floridian!), but I LOVE a beach maternity shoot. There is just so much joy, and peace that can be captured at the beach, that is so hard to capture anywhere else. It’s probably ocean waves, or the fact that everyone around you is minding their own business and you can simply FOCUS on anything you want. If you haven’t thought about doing a beach maternity shoot. THIS IS YOUR SIGN.

Beach Maternity Shoot Outfit Ideas

The best part about having a maternity shoot at the beach is that the beach is NEUTRAL any color works, and looks great. I would suggest going for a long dress, they are always my personal favorite. The Look of the bottom of a wet dress on the beach is one of my favorites. In the pictures above you see us in neutral colored outfits, but I’m about to share another beach maternity shoot we did, same pregnancy, with Navy Blue outfits that looked amazing. In addition, This navy blue beach maternity look we took was in the spring so the sun during the “sunset” beach maternity shoot was a little different then the Fall sunset beach maternity shoot we did in the more neutral outfits.


The Outfits We Chose for Our Beach Maternity Photoshoot

Women’s Off Shoulder Maternity DressLong Sleeve Gown


Toddler Girls Cute Pompoms Lace Floral Elegant Swing Dress

Women Summer Backless A Line Flowy Long Dress

Toddler Girl Wedding Boho Maxi Dress

Maternity Beach Photoshoot Pose Ideas

family beach maternity shoot inspiration in miami

Candid Dancing

family beach maternity shoot inspiration in miami

Holding baby by the waves

family beach maternity shoot inspiration in miami

Candid running up the shoreline

family beach maternity shoot inspiration in miami

Solo mama shot on the shoreline

family beach maternity shoot inspiration in miami

Full family on the shoreline

family beach maternity shoot inspiration in miami

Candid of the kids

family beach maternity shoot inspiration in miami

Candid of the family at the shoreline

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