4 Back-to-school items our children need but we don’t think of.

Shopping for back to school and afraid you’re missing something? Here’s a list of 4 back to school items we need but don’t think of.

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Back-to-school season is back in action, and we are all prepping for another year of early wake-up calls, homework, lunch packing, extracurricular activities, and all the fun things each school year brings. In the Gelin household, we have a FIRST GRADER! She was just a baby yesterday in my eyes, and suddenly, I have a first grader telling me I don’t need to hold her hand into school.

As parents, when we think of back-to-school shopping, we think of school supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, and clothing. We don’t think about anything aside from those categories, so I decided to share with you four back-to-school items we don’t think of but usually need. 

Weather Appropriate Shoes

Girl Scouts x Western Chief Rain Boots

We love some Girl Scout cookies, don’t we? And I am sure you have a rain boot-loving child as well! ( I have three of them, haha.) Girl Scouts, the oldest footwear company in Seattle (& the nation’s largest growth rainboot brand), Western Chief, partnered for Girl Scout USA’s first-ever boot collection. So fun and whimsical, how CUTE are they!?

Perfect for little ones, they have an easy on/off style with coordinated glittering cinnamon-brown dual pull handles that promote self-dressing. As well as removable patterned padded EVA/poly-cotton insoles for added comfort. The most important part for us parents is that they are quick to rinse clean.

If you’re anything like me and you love matching with your little ones, Good News: They also have women’s sizes! The Girl Scouts x Western Chief Rain Boots are available in kids’ sizes 5 – 6 Youth ($40 through $70) and women’s sizes 6 – 11 ($55 through $70) and can now be pre-ordered Girl Scouts x Western Chief and will also be available for purchase at Murdoch’s and the Girl Scout Shop this summer.

Snacks for Parents

Core Foods

This snack option is for our parents sitting in the carline for what feels like ever, or those running out of the house without breakfast. It all starts with your core… health, immunity, wellness; you name it! CORE foods know that. One thing that always gets me when I am trying to watch what I eat is that I miss a meal or want all the sweets. Well, Core foods are a back-to-school item we don’t think about but need. 

Their Brownie bites are delicious, with two flavors, Double Chocolate Chip brownie, and peanut butter chocolate chip brownie bites. They each have/are:


You can shop Core Foods here.


back to school

Vitamin Friends

Vitamins are important when it comes to having our kids in school or even taking care of ourselves daily. However, often they are not at the top of our priority list when it comes to returning to school. Vitamin Friends focuses on inclusiveness. They have vegan and vegetarian options for Kids’ Vitamins. 

You can choose from their Kids Multivitamin or Kids Vegan Focus Gummies. When taking the multivitamin, four gummies should be consumed to benefit from their well-rounded multivitamin plus their added brain benefits of choline. 

When taking the Focus gummies, six gummies per day is recommended for two weeks to jump-start results but two can be taken per day, and results may take longer to take effect. Great for focus, memory, and concentration. 

You can use code: Babble15 for your first subscription charge, here

Fidget Toys

WowWee – Fashion Fidgets 

Lastly, Fidget Toys are often needed when it comes to children. They can provide a sense of comfort and calmness when feeling anxious. WowWee’s all-new Fashion Fidgets combine the stress relief and focusing benefits of a traditional fidget toy with the imaginative pretend-to-play possibilities of a traditional fashion doll!

Fashion Fidgets are dolls styled & accessories in totally cute fits that double as fidget toys! Each Fashion Fidgets doll has at least 3+ fidget features; rare dolls come with 4+! Fun for fashionistas ages 5+! 

My Fidget-loving first grader is on a mission to collect ALL 18 of them. YES! There are 18 of them, and they are each a surprise. Your child can find a fidget doll whose outfit pop, twist, pull or spin but won’t know until they open it!

You can shop here or at your local Walmart. 

How many of these back-to-school items do we need but don’t think of? Did you already have them? I hope these were helpful! Don’t forget you can shop for each product by clicking on their appropriate link. 

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