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How to Create a Simple Holiday Tablescape

Looking to create a Holiday Tablescape this Holiday season? Look no further, I have some simple and easy tips for you.

*Thank you, MacKenzie-Childs for sponsoring this post.

This holiday season, my family and I decided we would do the holidays on our own, in the home we just purchased a year and a half ago! Ultimately, I wanted to make it as special and formal as possible and decided to do a holiday tablescape. We usually spend it with my mom’s side of the family or my MIL, but it’ll be just us this year. I was lucky enough to work with MacKenzie-Childs on my holiday tablescape. They truly have some BEAUTIFUL pieces for every area of your home that can be passed down for generations. Please keep in mind that my holiday tablescape is set up for Thanksgiving, but if you change up the centerpiece, you can make it any holiday you please!

Choose a simple base palatte

Choose a simple-based palette for your holiday tablescape! If you have checked out the MacKenzie-Childs website, you’re probably like “Kim, simple where?” but they have some pretty simple pieces like the SoHo Dinner Plate Mist that I used this year in my holiday tablescape. I am completely obsessed. They are the perfect off-white dinner plate for a person, like me, who is SO afraid of color and pattern. They went perfectly with my simple placemats and helped bring the rest of the patterned dinnerware items together. 

Add some sophistication and edginess

There is PLENTY of sophistication and edginess to the MacKenzie-Childs brand, so choosing was really hard. However, keep in mind that I am still very afraid of patterns, so this was the simplest edginess I could choose. It was still so beautiful and elegant. When selecting the salad/dessert plates for my holiday tablescape, I went with the Flower Market Salad/Dessert Plate. The garden-fresh design is color-glazed and hand-decorated enamelware with floral transfers on both sides. It added a little edginess to the tablescape without it being “too much”.  The SoHo Dinner Plate was the perfect pattern to add to such a simple but elegant dinner plate.

WAIT! The sophistication and edginess don’t stop there. You can’t love MacKenzie-Childs without loving their infamous Courtly Check design, which is the design they’re most known for. Their best-seller, the must-have design, is the most popular and loved! Almost everything on their site comes in Courtly Check, and I, of course, sprinkled it into my holiday tablescape. To complete the look of the table setting, I added their Courtly Check Supper Club 3-Piece Place Setting. It nicely brought in the place setting because the SoHo Dinner Plate has some Courtly Check in it, so adding the pattern with the place setting wasn’t off the rails! Lastly, I, of course, added some more Courtly Check into the holiday tablescape with my pumpkin centerpiece and Blooming Wine Glasses, which I am absolutely in love with. 

Finish with some greenery and candles for your Holiday Tablescape

Greenery is a YES for every occasion, and with all the blacks and whites in my holiday tablescape, we needed a little more color. When you do a simple tablescape, you usually tend to lean towards more neutrals and simple design, which is what I did here. Adding the greenery and candles gave the table a little more depth and dimension.

I am absolutely obsessed with my holiday tablescape, and I could not have done it without MacKenzie-Childs. They truly have a variety of pieces that will help you elevate any part of your home. Don’t forget to stop by their site and check out everything they had to offer. I promise you won’t regret it. I hope my tips and tricks help you create the perfect tablescape this holiday season or any upcoming occasion! While you’re here, head over to my Instagram and see how else I am incorporating MacKenzie-Childs into my home!  

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