Easter Basket Ideas

Moose Toys Easter Basket Ideas

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If you’re looking for age-appropriate Easter gift ideas to delight and surprise your kids, look no further than a Moose Toys Easter Basket! Moose Toys have created an extensive range of craft kits, games, puzzles, and construction sets to entertain children of all ages. These fun toys will bring excitement this Easter season as they’re opened from the gleaming bright baskets! I’ve put together a round-up of our top picks so that you can find the perfect toys for your kiddos and make their day even more special.

Easter Basket Ideas

Moose Toys is all about the Superhappy, the ‘WOW I love this,’ the ‘OMG, I can’t believe it!’ feeling that only toys can create. They put the extraordinary into everything they do, making award-winning toys, so good Moose is consistently called out as the most creative company in the industry.

Easter baskets don’t have to be expensive.

A simple basket filled with toys and some of their favorite treats is enough! Here’s a list of Moose Toys that would be great for your children’s Easter baskets: 

Shopkins Real Littles – Snack Time Refresh

Your real favorite brands have become Shopkins hiding inside new Mini Packs! A new range of Snacks has been rolled out! All new Real Littles for you to Collect. There are over 55 new Real Littles Shopkins to collect in series 17.  Now with even more varieties from different categories, there are many new treats! My girls love to play and discover delicious desserts, candy, savory snacks, frozen foods, drinks, and slushies!

Treasure X Dino Gold Armored Egg

Prepare for an epic adventure with the Treasure X Dino Gold Armored Egg! 

The Treasure X Dino Gold Armored Egg gives your child endless fun full of discovery! By following the steps below, they’ll be able to feel like a paleontologist themself. 

  1. Break open the egg and squeeze out the Dino.
  2. Find the Dino parts and accessories in the ooze! Then build the Treasure X Dino action figure!
  3. Using their special tool, boys and girls will need to smash the fossil located inside the egg and sift through the dino dust to find their treasure. 


The Moose Toys HJGZ Glow Shifters is an awesome line of collectible toys for kids. This series of colorful figures have glow-in-the-dark accents. Everyone’s favorite super stretchy, squishy heroes have returned and are ready to be powered up! Crush the Goo Jit Zu’s core to activate its glowing “Goo-formation” and its inner power. 

Little Live Pets Surprise Chick

Little Live Pets Surprise Chicks are the perfect interactive toy for animal-loving children! With realistic movement, sound, and features, these little chicks will be great companions for anyone. Listen as your chick taps away inside the egg & wait for your egg to hatch! When your egg hatches, a cute Lil’ Chick will hop out & about! These animals require no feeding or cleaning up after, so they make an excellent low-maintenance addition to your family. Make memories that last with Little Live Pets Surprise Chicks!

Real Littles Micro Crafts

Real Littles Micro Crafts offers a unique crafting experience that allows anyone to have fun and create something special. Small in size but surprisingly detailed, these adorable tiny crafts use top-notch materials for a truly realistic look. Both adults and kids alike can enjoy the rewarding feeling of customizing ! There are 6 different crafts to collect, and all of them are DIY! Collect a DIY color Backpack, Canvas Art, Bath Bombs, Glitter Globes, a customizable Light Box and Unicorn Terrarium! Each project is so detailed and great fun to make. Plus, they all really work! Each Crafting Case comes with its own Clip so you can hang the Case onto their school bag or jeans! With such a wide selection, everyone is sure to find an interesting project they’ll love working on. Thanks to Real Littles Micro Crafts, hours of creative entertainment await!

The cutest range of Micro Craft projects has now been added to the Real Littles range! If you or your child love creating and making crafts, then these adorably small craft kits are for your little ones. These cute Cases are filled with mini surprises to create their favorite craft activities. 

To conclude, As you can see, Moose Toys has plenty of interesting ideas for kids of all ages. From games to figurines and beyond, there’s something for everyone in their lineup. Not only are their products fun and engaging, but they also provide hours of entertainment that parents can feel good about encouraging. Who wouldn’t love to give their little ones a high-quality toy from this amazing company? Furthermore, many of Moose Toys’ designs have a taste of flair thanks to the intricate detailings included in them.

All in all, the world would be diminished without Moose Toy’s thoughtful collection. So which Moose Toy idea was your favorite?

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