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Adorable Pink & Girly Shared Nursery and Toddler Room Ideas

Clearly you are on the search for some adorable, girly shared nursery and toddler room ideas and I have some awesome ideas, including what furniture to buy!

Room ideas for your kids

My girls girly shared nursery and toddler room is so important to me. It is the perfect nursery for little girls that is welcoming, bright, cozy, and girly.  When we made the decision to move from Jacksonville back home to South Florida we made the decision to move into my Mother in Laws house. I need to make their nursery like I moved their Jacksonville room right in. I completely changed the color scheme but that’s beyond the point LOL. Baby Relax Furniture helped me make the girls girly shared nursery and toddler room a reality.

Girly Shared Nursery and Toddler Room Ideas

Furniture for a nursery is probably one of the hardest things because other than decor, furniture is what makes the room look put together. One of my favorites pieces in the girl’s room is their Baby Relax 6- drawer Tia Dresser. It fits the perfect amount of items and clothing for both of the girls. I can’t thank them enough for gifting it to us!  It allows me to be minimal with the decor and not have to overdo it. A round mirror over the dresser, Aaliyahs Diaper Changer, and the essentials are exactly what they needed. I added a faux plant because at this point I can only keep my children alive, lol.

The Perfect Dresser for a Nursery

Girl Nursery Room Furniture

Aren’t they just the cutest sisters you ever did see? Yep, I’m biased. It only took me 2 months to get their room done, but at least I did it right? When I was looking for ideas on the girls shared nursery and toddler room I couldn’t find many-shared room ideas. I little bold on the girls’ room and went with the different pinks, greys, white, and threw in yellow in there but I LOVE it, their room is the perfect little mix for them.

When I was looking for a dresser for their girly shared nursery and toddler rom, it was for the dresser to be thin enough and not wide so that it would give the room to flow spaciously so that there was room for both the girls’ bed and space enough for us to be able to sit and play if we wanted too. The 6- Drawer Tia Baby Relax Dresser was perfect for their room! If you are looking for a dresser or Nursery Furniture you Should definitely look into the Tia Dresser it’s available at Walmart and online, for more on the Baby Relax brand you can check out their social media as well!

Baby Relax Instagram // Baby Relax Facebook // Baby Relax Website

Adorable Pink & Girly Shared Nursery and Toddler Room Ideas

Their Nursery Quiet Space

Adorable Pink & Girly Shared Nursery and Toddler Room Ideas
Girl Nursery Room Ideas

This chair has so much meaning behind it & ill be sad the day I get rid of it. My friends from college gifted it to me and it was something I’ll treasure forever. As a baby, Aaliyah did not like being rocked. I actually almost gave the rocking chair away.  Aaliyah puts this chair to use because she wants me to rock her every minute of the day.  Aaliyah gets rocked to sleep twice a day, without a doubt and makes sure the chair is being used. This little space in the nursery is perfect for our quiet little bonding time between Aaliyah and Mama.

Their Girly Shared Nursery and Toddler Room deserves to be their Sanctuary

Adorable Pink & Girly Shared Nursery and Toddler Room Ideas
Toddler Room Ideas

No Boys Allowed, EXCEPT dad! because they are mama’s world and daddy’s little girls. Aaliyah’s crib and Alyssa’s twin size bed fit perfectly. They actually love to sit on their own beds and “talk” to each other. Aaliyah will sit on the edge of crib and Alyssa on the edge of her bed and they crack up and talk for minutes at a time. Aaliyah will actually only sit in her crib without throwing a fit if Alyssa is laying in her own bed, its the cutest thing ever, and I love listening and watching them on the monitor!

Adorable Pink & Girly Shared Nursery and Toddler Room Ideas

Their Nursery Library

Girl Nursery Room Ideas
Adorable Pink & Girly Shared Nursery and Toddler Room Ideas

Reading has been a big part of my life, ALL of my life. My mom taught me how to read. I love reading and have loved it since I was four. It’s always been my favorite subject in school, and I would do anything to be able to read a book a week like I did growing up. However, the way mom life works – I am lucky if I only have to read the first page three times, LOL.  When I found out I was pregnant with Alyssa (3-year-old) I knew reading was something I was going to instill in her from the beginning. I even asked for a book instead of a card.

It’s important to me that the girls hopefully love to read as much as their mama. Reading is so fundamental and I would absolutely be in awe if they grow up wanting to spend all their time with me at the closest Barnes and Nobles looking for books to read together that we can talk about later (a total dream). Alyssa loves reaching for her books and pretending she can read them. She’ll cherish the collection for as long as her heart desires. Alyssa already has some favorites like, “brown bear, brown bear” so, I think we are down the right path.

Little Details

I loved adding little details to their nursery/toddler room based on the things we use on a daily basis. We used this round Target Shelf as a shoe holder. I had this shelf for a while and almost got rid of it. In our Jacksonville Apartment, it was in the girls’ bathroom taking up space with nothing really on it. Then I had a few moms share how they used it and 95% of them used it as a shoe holder, so I did the same because it is perfect for her freshly picked moccasins and all her little shoes.

Alyssa’s triangle bow holder isn’t actually a bow holder, I just turned it into one after I found it at Hobby Lobby. Aaliyah’s Bow Wall was created by command strip and a whole lot of Baby Bling bows because I am obsessed. I blame the baby bling bow obsession on one of my Instagram mommy friends! As well as the idea for the command hooks. She has a similar bow organization method, the only difference is that her hooks are from IKEA, and might be cheaper than mine!

Girl Nursery Room Ideas
Girl Nursery Room Ideas

I hoped you loved this girly shared nursery and toddler room blog post as much as I loved writing it, and creating this cozy little room for my girls to share and bond. If you want to see more of me, you can follow me over on my Instagram to see us DAILY.


Adorable Pink & Girly Shared Nursery and Toddler Room Ideas
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