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Awesome Stroller for a Mom of Two: Tango Stroller Travel System Review

This is a tango stroller travel system review & it is perfect for moms of two!

Thank You Baby Trend for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions are 100% my own. 

I have an awesome stroller travel system you need if you have two young kids! This is a tango stroller travel sytem review & it is perfect for moms of two!

I have an awesome stroller travel system you need if you have two young kids!

I always have the hardest time looking for a stroller/car seat that fits all my needs yet still, be safe for my little one. There are so many different brands, stroller styles, and then you have to find the car seat that fits the stroller you chose and even worse adapters you’ll have to carry everywhere so you can actually strap the car seat into the stroller.  It’s literally a nightmare! I also don’t know what’s wrong with the world (brands) that don’t automatically include cup holders, How is that even acceptable? LOL. Where am I suppose to put my coffee, while pushing the little person that kept me up all night? 🤣 When and If you’re looking for a stroller/car seat I have the perfect stroller for you to add to your registry!

Tango Stroller Travel System Review

The Tango Stroller + Ally 35 Carseat 

Let’s start off the fact that its a one-stop-shop, the travel system comes with both the stroller and car seat and you don’t have to worry about adapters because the car seat attaches right onto the snack tray. I think this is one of the best parts because I HATE adapters and having to carry them all over the place its, literally miserable. What if you forget your adapters? (I’ve done this before with previous babies) then you’re forced to drive 30 mins back home so you don’t wake a sleeping baby up by taking them out of their car seat  🤦🏽‍♀️Baby Trend is making life easy over here no adapters, and saving money by buying the bundle and not separate installments. It doesn’t stop there! 

Parent Premiums within the Stroller

The travel system comes with a parent tray that you can attach your cell phone securely (without a phone case). You can actually attach the phone in both portrait and landscape positions. It was a mama dream storage basket that you can actually access from the front of the stroller as well. The storage basket is literally made of dreams with the amount of space that it provides you! I love that it’s open and wide so you don’t have to fight with the stroller when putting things in and taking them out. Let’s not forget a mama’s best friend, oversized flex-grip cup holders to fit all size coffee cups and larger bottles. Those things alone are why I needed to share this tango stroller travel system review with you guys!

Comfort and Protection for your little one with the Tango Stroller Travel System

The stroller comes with an extra-long SPF 50 canopy providing shade for your littles in all directions. We need all the shade protection because our little ones spend the majority of their time in the stroller when we are out and about. Am I right? It is super padded and the seat is structured for long rides, it actually lays back pretty far nap in the stroller! Again something that a lot of strollers aren’t bringing anymore is child trays. Why the reason for not including them is beyond me, I think all strollers need a snack tray. The Tango Stroller includes one 🙌🏾 Where you can add all the snacks and your little one’s sippy cup. 

Ally 35 Infant Carseat Overview

The car seat fits little from 4 lbs to 35 lbs, so if you have a preemie and are looking for a car seat where your little one will be snug and fit, this is the one! The car seat has higher, deeper side wings with EPS foam for optimal side impact protection, and a five-point harness. One of my favorite parts about the car seat is that it has a 4-position height-adjustable base to fit perfectly into your car. Some car seats are a 1 size fits all cars, which is totally not the case. So I love that you can adjust to your preference. 

I have an awesome stroller travel system you need if you have two young kids! This is a tango stroller travel sytem review & it is perfect for moms of two!

Concluding this Tango Stroller Travel System Review

Do you love everything as much as I do? It fits all of mama’s and babies’ needs perfectly. I won’t have to ask Anthony where my phone is or to hold my drink anymore LOL or have to feed Aaliyah one snack at a time because I can just place them on her tray! I am so grateful that Baby Trend has given me the opportunity to try this stroller out to review for you. This is a baby registry must-have!

Shop the Tango Travel Stroller System here.

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