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Simple List of Diaper Bag Essentials for Two Kids

If you have a baby and a toddler, this simple list of diaper bag essentials for two kids will be your guide on how to pack your diaper bag!

Thank You, Lily Jade, for sponsoring this post, as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

My Favorite Diaper Bag for Two Kids

Ladies, I have the diaper bag of OUR dreams, and you NEED it. We’ll dive into my list of diaper bag essentials for two kids in a moment, but first off I need to rave about what I think is the best diaper bag for two kids!

I currently have a LilyJade Anna Bag in Size Large, and it is BEAUTIFUL. I also have the Meggan Bag and if you can read all about that bagĀ HERE, which I LOVE. The Anna Bag I own is in Nylon, but they have it available in leather and its even more beautiful in leather. They use premium grade leathers giving the bag variances of leather and texture. No two bags are the same because Lily Jade gives you a tumbled full-grain leather. The leather is different than the artificial patterns put on diaper bags on most high-end bags that mass produces clones of their bags. The Lily Jade bag is built to last you a lifetime. Lily Jade tucks in the leather on their handles, straps, and pocket edges os that the edge paint doesn’t wear and crack over time. My Anna Bag comes with an Adjustable, detachable extra long strap for messenger carry & a Gorgeous double sided leather tassel with a natural stone bead and individually cast logo bead.

A Diaper Bag Optimized for Travel is a MUST!

We took this bag to Disney, and it was perfect! It is Anthony’s favorite diaper bag because it is a little manlier than anything else I have. It wasn’t too much of a burden to carry around the park, and it is a backpack, so it made it easy. Everything we needed for both girls fits into the bag perfectly.

Diaper Bag Must Have: A lot of Pockets!

It has pockets galore, which is one of my favorite features; everything has a place, and I don’t have to dig through the bag like a madwoman. Even my laptop has a pocket! All the pocket it has:

  • 2 Exterior front zipper pockets
  • 2 Exterior large, open, side pockets for bottles and tumblers
  • 1 Interior zipper pocket in the front compartment
  • 2 Interior slip pockets in the front compartment
  • 1 Interior slip pocket with magnetic snap for a laptop, tablet, books or binders in the back compartment
  • 2 Interior elastic pockets in the back compartment
  • 1 Exterior magnetic pocket for extra storage or tucking in backpack straps when not in use

Diaper Bag Essentials for Two Kids

The perfect diaper bag for two kids isn’t complete without the diaper bag essentials for two kids!

Aaliyah is now one, and I honestly can’t believe how fast she has grown, I want her to stay my baby forever because the older she gets, the more I want another baby lol. I keep pretty much everything that’s going to make me feel at home away from home JUST in case anything happens. Heres a list of all the things:

  1. Extra clothes & a headband
  2. Diapers (duh!)
  3. Wipes
  4. Snacks for Aaliyah (1) & Alyssa (4)
  5. Empty sippy cup (just in case anything happens at night, and I need to grab and run, yes, I’m psycho).
  6. Snacks
  7. Mommy Toiletries
  8. Pretty much a medicine cabinet LOL
    1. Tylenol
    2. Motrin
    3. Teething Tablets
    4. Dramamine (for me)
    5. Adult Tylenol
    6. Booger Sucker
    7. Diaper Rash Cream
  9. A rattle or teething toy of some sort
  10. iPad (Alyssa) & Amazon Fire Tablet (Aaliyah)
  11. Mommy’s Sunglasses
  12. Wallet

Best of the Diaper Bag Essentials for Two Kids: The BEST Diaper Bag!

Undoubtedly, The Anna Diaper Bag Fits everything perfectly without a problem and I’m still able to fit so much more. You can shop the Anna Diaper bag & Any of their other bags here.

I hope this simple list of diaper bag essentials for two kids helps you figure out what to stuff inside of your new diaper bag backpack!

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